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1. What types of pumps are currently manufactured by Kewpump?

The Company produces a variety of end-suction centrifugal pumps used mainly for industrial applications. We also manufacture a limited range of dosing pumps, diaphragm pumps, vertical sump pumps and oil skimmer pumps.

2. Does Kewpump manufacture "custom" pumps and systems?

Yes we do, but subject to our design team and production scheduling constraints.

3.   We need special materials of construction for our new pumps. Can Kewpump help us with this?

Please let us know if you have any special material requirements not already covered by our wide range of materials available. We are able to do this due to having our own in-house foundry.

4.   How do I get parts and service for my old Kewpump pump?

You may procure these from our agents whom you bought our pumps from or from us if you had purchased the pumps directly from us.

5.  Where can I get help on how to perform preventative maintenance, pump operating-related questions, and so on?

You may refer to the relevant sections on our website for product information, trouble-shooting or drop us a message here and we will be happy to assist you.

General FAQ

1.   Where are Kewpump’s pump products and spare parts manufactured?

Our pumps and parts are wholly manufactured in Malaysia. Kewpump has its own metal casting plant and manufacturing centre, and as such, have full control over the production processes and quality of our products. Please check out our corporate video and have a closer look at our facilities.

2.   I’m not sure if the pumps or replacement parts being offered to me are genuine, what do I do?

You may write to us directly here or contact us for confirmation. It is important to use only Kewpump genuine parts to avoid damage to your pumps or experience below par performance which would be unfavourable to your production process output and costs in the long term

3.   We are using Kewpump products in our plant and are located out of Malaysia, how do we order replacement parts or pump?

You may contact the vendor who originally sold you our products and if this is no longer possible, you may contact us here and we will direct you to an authorised party in your country.

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