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Market Analysis

Here to help your work or just for your knowledge.  A selection of useful charts such as chemical compatibility chart, friction loss table and others for your quick references

Engineering Tools

This is a selection of useful tools such as conversion calculator to assist you when needed.


Useful tips about pump set up complied by our engineers.  Be sure to read and apply them to enjoy a fundamentally sound system.


Find out what's new in the industry and other related industries or get the latest updates about pumping technologies.

Glowing Keyboard

Search for pumps and engineering terms in our glossary, a compilation of easy to understand definitions and explanations.

Double Click

Visit the links in this section to get more news, articles and case studies from all over the world.

In the Classroom

You have looked through the whole website and still can't find the answer in any of the other sections?  Look for them here, a compilation of the most frequently asked questions with easy to understand answers.

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