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From our early days, Kewpump's pumping solutions have been the leading choice for many industries in Malaysia. Today, Kewpump solutions are installed and running in various industries not only in Malaysia but over 40 countries internationally including Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and countries in Central and South America and Africa.

Below is a list of some of the industries using Kewpump's pump systems.

Palm Oil Mills

Kewpump has a complete range of pumping solutions for the palm oil mill industry. Ranging from conventional processes to the latest extraction systems employed in a variety of palm oil facilities in the world, Kewpump's range of pumps are the preferred choice of the industry's major players. Our pump solution's robust and reliable performance have been a crucial factor in the success of many palm oil facilities which are often situated in inaccessible locations where successful pump performance becomes a critical requirement.

Edible Oils Industry - Refining / Oleo Chemical / Bulking Plants

Further downstream the edible oil value chain, edible oils and fats are further processed into consumer and industrial products. This produces a diverse range of derivatives including cooking oils, home & personal care products, pharmaceuticals, fatty acids, methyl esters, glycerine, and many others.  From upstream oil mills to downstream refineries, Kewpump’s pumping solutions can be found aiding the production processes efficiently and reliably helping make Malaysia one of the top producers of oleochemicals in the world, accounting for 20% of global capacity (as of 2013).

Chemical / Liquid Processing

With a wealth of natural resources, Malaysia’s chemicals industry has naturally seen a significant expansion. Since the mid-20th century, the country has evolved from a commodities-based economy into a technology and engineering hub. The resulting petrochemical, oleochemical, and chemical production industry has spawned a need for various technologies and related equipment including pumps.  Kewpump's process pump solutions are designed and built to perform and last even under the harshest of conditions.

Pulp & Papers

The processes involved in pulp and paper production involve a wide range of demanding conditions for pumps to operate in.  These involve a combination of abrasive, corrosive and heated mediums.  Kewpump’s pump solutions with its various models and tailored materials have offered reliable and value-added service to its pulp and paper mill clients.  The final products range from corrugated paper boards, MFB’s, personal care paper products, kraft-liners, and others. 

Sugar Mills

Throughout the years, sugar industry production has rapidly grown  due to increasing direct domestic consumption supported by an equally fast growing food processing industry.  The unique processing cycle of sugar production, which works around the crop planting and harvesting season, requires pump solutions that are able to operate reliably and problem-free in the limited production window period.  We are glad Kewpump’s pump solutions have been able to serve this industry around the region.

General Industries

Apart from the above mentioned industries, there are various industries that have successfully put our pumping solutions into use.  These include waste water treatment, bio-mass processing, fertilisers, gasoline bulking, acidic battery recycling, farming, fire-fighting systems, calcium carbonates,  food production,  and many others.  Kewpump designs effective pumping solutions not only for standard applications, but also for specialist applications where engineering is required to custom build a pump or use specific materials developed in our in-house foundry to cater for a specific service.

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